Time to Pay the Piper – Can You Spare a Dime?

I was reading Janet (Folger) Porter’s website Faith 2 Action (www.f2a.org), She talked about consequences and how we – as Americans in general and the Church in particular are going to pay them (see article “A Wall of Pink Slips to Hold Back Evil). This is precisely where we are in time. Because we have been taught erroneously that the only thing the Church must do is pray, we now in America about to embark on a campaign of suffering the likes that have we haven’t seen since the days of the Caesars, or even Pharaoh. She states and I agree that, “On Nov. 4 our choices for death and socialism caused cultural earthquakes that have pegged the Richter scale. Now brace yourself for the tsunami that’s coming”.

As those who have read my blogs know that I fault Pastors for not giving us the truth on Sunday. But what about Monday through Saturday? Remember November 4, 2008 fell on a Tuesday. Who was with you in the voting booth? Certainly not the Pastor. My blogs were not intended to “beat people up” but to be able to show the Christian Community that because we were not intellectually honest; that when the moment of truth came we can not (and did not) vote the Biblical world view that we claim to hold. Consider this:

We have a man (President) in the White House whose origins are questionable.
He is making policy pressuring Israel to give up “land for peace” (a clear violation of Genesis 12:3). A move that will – and did bring judgment upon this nation.
He is appointing people (czars) that do not answer to you, me or the Congress.
He has appointed Cabinet-level people whose integrity is called into question.
He has spent more than 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars in domestic deficit spending (essentially putting the “bill” on the backs of our children and grandchildren to pay off) in his FIRST YEAR in office.
He had stated more than once in his campaign that he supports same-sex marriage and abortion on demand. True to his promise, he has reversed the Executive Order left by the previous administration not to fund overseas abortions within days – if not hours of him taking office.

Yet we are still holding out hope that “God will change this man’s thinking” Jesus said in Matthew 7:20, “By their fruit you shall know them”. How much more “fruit sampling” do we need to do in order to recognize evil when we see it? How much more “discernment” do we need to acquire to recognize that this person is a bad choice for the Office that he holds.

As Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a time and a season”. It is time we got off our knees and into the game. By the game I mean hold legislators – at all levels accountable not only for their actions, but their votes as well. Let’s not invoke a spiritual cop out for a natural choice. God is under no obligation to “cash” the check we the people wrote. It is is imperative that we find His direction on our knees. However, once the direction has been given, we need to get up from our knees and move in that direction.

God is calling us to accountability. First to Him. Then to our choices. Will you answer the call?

Time to Pay the Piper – Can You Spare a Dime?