Insanity or Integrity – Which One Do You Walk In?

Even with all the political apathy in the Church today, regardless of political party affiliation or theological camp you subscribe to, the one thing you – and only you, can control is your integrity. Not even Jesus Himself has control over this. Only you can control your choices. As you higher and deeper in God, your choices have a deeper and broader impact. Add to that the responsibility of being in five-fold or elder level leadership, and the impact of your choice just grew exponentially. In the day in which we live, navigating through life’s choices can be equated to walking through a mine field. One wrong step and it can not only spell “curtains” for you, but all around you in a 3 person you “touch” radius – at minimum. This is not including the fear factor or the dozens or hundreds that are watching and are helpless to assist or stop you.

This is precisely why the preservation of your integrity is so important. In this “Last Day” we the Church have billions of eyeballs watching our ever move, billions of ears listening to our every word. Now more than ever, our integrity is being scrutinized unlike any other day in human history. It is truly a loss that we would allow our integrity to be compromised in the presence of an unregenerate world. It is an unequivocal tragedy when our integrity is compromised by or in front of a member of the Kingdom. For when that happens we impact those in the Kingdom who God can use to change the world for His glory. Now that assignment had to be put on hold while the Great Physician operates on a needless “patient” and the patient has to convalesce in the arms of God instead of completing the assignment the God had for them since the foundation of the world.

So why do we “shoot our wounded”? The answer (in my opinion) is pride. Fearing that they might be “better” in an area, we tear them down to puff ourselves up. When will we understand that we are made up of “body parts” that are fitted together with no schisms in it. (I Cor. 12:23-25). The definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result. It’s time to put away our “guns” and let the Great Physician put together the Body as it is meant to function.

The world has seen the “Insanity” of the Church. It is time to show them our integrity.

Insanity or Integrity – Which One Do You Walk In?

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