On Your Feet or On Your Knees

As I was looking around some of the Christian blogs, it seems to me that there is a lot of people who Scripture and more importantly Jesus Himself out of context. It seems to me that people perceive Jesus as nothing more than the Isaiah 53 Lamb. That is only a part of His personality.

When it became necessary, Jesus got involved with his government. (I can hear the heresy hunters now saying: “Show me in Scripture”). Okay I will. Before I do; a little history lesson. It is a known fact that the Sanhedrin were charged by Rome to keep the people in line (which by the way gave THEM a job with the government) Pilate and the Roman army were only there in case the Sanhedrin couldn’t control the people.

In Matthew 23 Jesus scolded the Scribes and Pharisees by keeping the people in perpetual state of bondage. In my opinion, the Sanhedrin of our day are doing nothing less than what the 1st century ones did in their day. They used false religion in their day just like false religion is being used in ours.

Ask yourself this question: If our rights come from God, why aren’t we encourage from the pulpit to use them? We are always told to pray for those in (governmental) authority – which is Biblical and needed. However, we are never told to hold the same authority to account? Under the First Amendment we have the right (and duty) to redress the government concerning issues that we may have? A right that God has given, but not exercised as it should.

Here’s another example:

You just found out your city is going to put a “Gentlemen’s Club” near an elementary school. Do you only pray, or do go to City Hall and take action?

You just found out that your city is going to put a pornographic bookstore and movie theater next to a girl scout meeting hall. Do you only pray, or do go to City Hall and take action?

You just found out the city wants to take away the property the church sits on through eminent domain and put a nightclub on the site. Do you only pray, or do go to City Hall and take action?

My point is this: I have heard from pastors and people alike that the most powerful position a Christian can be in is on our knees. That is only true when we can discern whose presence we’re in. In the presence of God, we are on our knees. When we face the world we need to be on our feet.

If we’re in the wrong posture facing the wrong presence, we as good as dead.

On Your Feet or On Your Knees