Pop Culture or Counter Culture

It seems to me that we more confused as a nation than ever. I have heard more coverage over Michael Jackson’s death than the war on terror, the economy and the political direction we are going as a nation COMBINED. At no other time in history has this been a call to action for the Church. Not only for prayer, but for action – political action. It is time for Church leaders to lead us or move out of the way. We in the pew are tired of sitting in a church looking like a zombie with one exception – zombies don’t pay tithe. We are looking real leadership that will use the Bible as a guide, and the Holy Spirit for strategy. We understand that it is God Himself who gave us our rights that we cherish. It is God Himself who moved through men to establish our country. It will be God Himself that will through men, restore this country to its former glory before the real dark times come.

We in the pew are who are true disciples are not looking for how to get our situations corrected so that our lives will be happy. We are looking for leadership who will hold up ALL of Scripture as a mirror – First to themselves, then to us, and then to the nation to show us all how far away we are from the standard. Then we need them to tell us how to get back to the standard we left. As a Disciple of Christ, outside of the Great Commission we are mandated to do two things:

1) To establish the standard that is depicted in the Word of God in these areas:

Domestically – In our homes.

Corporately – On our jobs.

Politically – In our government.

2) To raise up, teach, empower and mandate the next generation to do the same.

If this does not happen swiftly, we ALL will be guilty of prostituting the Gospel for our own personal gain. We will all stand before God and give an answer to the question, “What did you do with the freedom I gave you”? What will your answer be? Being a good person is not enough. Going to church on Sunday will not be enough. Giving of your time/tithe will not be enough. How you impacted your family, job and government will be the litmus test of answering this question properly.

We viewed the counter culture movement of the 1960’s as being bad. The passion was not bad. It was the direction that was misguided. We had teens and twenty year olds – not so much different than we have today; with energy, zeal, and bright ideas. Yet they were lacking wisdom and direction. They turned to the Church and were horribly disappointed when all the Church could offer was religion and tradition. It was at that time that generation turned to the world and ask them for wisdom. The world was more than happy to oblige. From humanism, to “free” love, to mind altering drugs the children of the 60’s (who are now the established authority of today) were more than willing to embark on this adventure. We stand again at a generational crossroads. The question I have for the Church leadership is this: Are you willing to make the same mistake again?

We have an opportunity to change the world back to the way it should be. To right wrongs that made a generation ago. This endeavor however, does not come without a price. My next question is: Have you counted the cost? We must be viewed as true “Freedom Fighters”. The world is always looking for a good cause to join. We just need to present the Gospel a good cause.

It is only when the world looks at you and sees no difference between you and themselves that you should be afraid. Be very afraid.

Pop Culture or Counter Culture