How Long Must We Endure This?



As we move along through time in this country, it seems to me that we in the American Church have become complacent and lethargic to ideas that have at the very least, traces of the anti-Christ spirit – if not having that very spirit within it. In opposition to that we are being scornful or openly hostile to those who expose those ideas for what they really are. We seem to forget that Jesus Himself lived under the tyranny of Rome. Are we to be so blind as to ignoring the political climate that Jesus, the Apostles and the Church fathers live under that we as the American Church are WILLING to subject ourselves to be under that type of oppression?

If the Founding Fathers recognize that our rights, liberties, and freedoms have been given to us by Divine Providence, then how can government be allowed to take them away? The answer is – IGNORANCE. God said through Hosea the prophet “My people are destroyed for LACK of knowledge”. (Hosea 4:6) The people forgot who their rights came from, and did not exercise vigilance to preserve them. This type of behavior can be seen time and again throughout the Bible culminating with the Church of Laodicea – The church period I believe we are in now.

How long will American Church leaders throw out a “canned” response of more prayer, using II Chronicles 7:14 as the foundation as to where the country has erred? To them I ask the question: How did you get the building your congregation sits in? Was it through prayer alone or did you have to do work and get a permit? How are your bills paid – through prayer alone or the finances you collected? How is your staff paid? How is the mortgage on your house paid? I could go on an on, but you get the idea. I said all that to say this: If to get the natural things accomplished took more than prayer to do, what makes you think that prayer alone will constitute a righteous government? It will take MORE than just prayer. It will take the hard work of a righteous choice. Not only to make the choice, but to ensure that our choices remain through prayer to and dependence on Jesus. Moreover, it will also require continual vigilance against those forces who seek to thwart our freedoms that we establish for ourselves and our posterity. Proverbs 29:2 says, “When the righteous are in power the people rejoice. When the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”. Ask yourself this question: How much happiness do you see?

We as the American Church are at a moral and spiritual crossroads. Do we actually begin to recover our country not through prayer alone, but by the hard work of living and promoting the ideals set forth in the Gospel as well as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that through the price paid on Calvary – should we choose to accept it, we are free from sin as human beings. Through that freedom we are to be self-governing – to understand, live by and promote the Judeo-Christian moral and ethical standard in our government is to be at the center of us being prosperous as a nation.

Or do we continue on our present course remaining complacent, apathetical, and lazy to allow the spiritual Sanhedrin of our day do our thinking for us and place this nation in political and spiritual bondage to the likes that only someone like Caiaphas would identify, embrace, regulate and enjoy?

The global government is not coming. It is already here. The question now remains: Will you reject the choice of freedom and opportunity that God has given you or will you embrace the illusion of ease of comfort and instant prosperity that satan promises?

How Long Must We Endure This?