Who Should be the REAL American Idol?

How sad and tragic that two well known world-famous celebrities died on June 25th – Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. What is even worse is that members of the Body would cry and howl like world would. Not thinking, knowing, or understanding that the reason why the world cries is because the world has no hope. This is precisely the reason that members of the Church can identify with the world because they are of like spirit. What I mean is this: We have celebrities in the Church – just like the world does. We mourn for our celebrities – just like the world does. The real tragedy is that we worship and idolize Church celebrities – just like the world does.

Which brings me to my point. We see that world has their American Idol. But who is the Church’s idol in America? When the average church member is asked who is your idol? Naturally they would respond,”Jesus”. The natural thought process would be this: If Jesus would be your idol, you would do whatever you idol would tell you, right? Jesus said in Luke 19:13, “Occupy until I come.” To occupy (according to Merriam-Webster) is to “To take or hold possession or control” Another definition is “To reside in as an owner or tenant”. In the arena of government, what area has the Church occupied? Where does the Church “reside in as an owner or tenant?

To the “theologian”, occupation is a spiritual term. If they would keep reading the text the cities that Jesus rewarded them in Luke 19:17-19 were not spiritual cities. Jesus understood that in this world, it would take not only prayer but money and a righteous voice to take possession.

Of course there is no one 100% obedient to Jesus. We all have struggles and “crosses” to bear. However, when very few in Church leadership is willing to step up and speak up – even if it means the revocation of their non-profit status, they are not being the salt and light that Jesus asked us to be. They are falling down and worshipping their idol – the government.

Since Church leadership is afraid of asking you this question then I will: Who is your American Idol? If its the government, stay where you are and do nothing. If it is Jesus – Take possession (occupy) of your government. Don’t stop at prayer. Take control in discussions, writing to your elected officials to hold them accountable. Most of all, make sure the platform of whom you are voting for lines up with Scripture.

Who Should be the REAL American Idol?

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